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"As regards the traditional electronic arts that I mentioned at the beginning, Personal Cinema take a critical attitude towards both the mass communications media and the growing fragmentation, manipulation and trivialisation of media information. They are also working with the new mechanisms of interaction but they take them to the emerging areas of evolutionary dynamics. This means that the presence and participation of the spectator in the virtual environment constantly changes the ambience and the relationships between the different elements, depending on each action


Last but not least
the interactive virtual space game "The Balkan Mall" by the team Personal Cinema , that was first presented in Madrid past February - March in collaboration with MediaLabMadrid (Caja Suiza - Conde Duque Cultural Center within the framework of the 'Madrid 2004' on the occasion of ARCO, where Greece was the guest country. Ms. {{Karin Ohlenschlager}}, Co-Director of MediaLabMadrid, Nikos Xydakis, art critic , as well as members of the Personal Cinema team will talk about the "game" and their collaboration, while in an adjacent space the visitors will have the chance to "get into" the game's virtual and interactive world with the use of a computer (Friday May 7).

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