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De Krypten avatar

Liberate your avatar from yourself.

Once, I knew a man and together we used to wander aimlessly in the streets of a dusty city of the south. Time was always afternoon, the light dim yellowish and the sounds that I could hear, two. One was a faraway wind sound of average force, accompanied by an indefinable, mechanic growl. Everything was the same in every itinerancy, but as the subject of discussion was different each time and we changed them often, it never crossed my mind the cause of this repetition. That’s how things were until one day when while we were walking, all of a sudden it got dark and astonished I turned my head searching for his eyes; I heard my voice coming out of my mouth, but now my mouth was on his head together with my eyes, my nose, my hair and my hands. Summarily, the whole of me was walking next to me inside the darkness, talking to me.

The following text, named Examinations D and E, is a transcription of a sound file named De Krypten.wav and was found as ‘’attached object’’ at the head of a corpse, that was in a rotten state. Also, two notecards owned by a certain Space Masala were found close beside the corpse. A police report mentioned the case as the ‘’first case ever, of real time murder/suicide in all worlds’’ (sic). They ascribed that to ‘’the impossibility of the world definition that took place the event’’ (sic).

Examination D 1.

‘’ How one must treat herself’’.

Examine how you treat yourself and especially if you hate yourself as if she was a treacherous person and as your worst enemy. Because this hate is holy, it is benefactory. Examine if you are one of those who think that this life was given to us for play and go on the loose.

Solomon wisdom: You considered that life is a game and the existence a profitable festivity. The passed rebellions are paid back with new kinds of obedience. Also examine, if you are adulating and loving yourself out of order and more than that she deserves. Lest you do not want to toil, neither to regret, neither to battle, to stand out against temptation, to truckle until death to the will and the commands of your Lord, as demands the profession of existence. Simply, if you are an egoist and you love yourself (in the world), then truly you hate yourself and you will loose it In all Worlds. But if you hate yourself, truly you love yourself and you will liberate her In all Worlds.

The first Notecard was a Real Life info profile entitled: feel me, use me owned by Space Masala.

I am Space Masala, I am consisted by polygons and I was born in a virtual environment. I use to live in Second Life. I heard people say that I am a good tool box for experiments. Virtual Space it is a Space, so please don’t get me into a tangle with your Real Life existential problems. Or with your Judeo-Christian obsessions of the fear of guiltiness.

(Out Of Character: also, please do not sleep on your keyboards. Or at least, do not let the others to understand that). If you want to get a catnap, go find a lay down or relax ball.

‘’The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, was very familiar with the mountains and he was glad to listen to the wind that was blowing there, day by day in exactly the same way, like if it was playing the same theme tune all the time. He was even tempted for a while to jubilate with this –even deficient- image of the continuity and certitude of human freedom. But he contemplated, that there was a moment in the past that the wind came unknown in the mountains and aimlessly rushed headlong inside the gorges and the glacises, at one moment sobbing, at another giving a grunt of pain or a plaintive tune and a groan of agony in the edge of the abyss; finally he managed to familiarize with its instrument and it combined all these in the melody that day by day plays identically. He says that in this way the feasibility of the person wanders around inside his own feasibility, discovering one moment the one and next moment the other. But the feasibility of the person does not want only to be heard; it is not only passing by like the one of the wind; it is a form maker also; consequently it wants to be seen simultaneously. Any feasibility is an audio shadow. The Krypten person believes equally little to the beatific glorification of the joy and to the infinite groan of desolation. The Krypten person desires passionately to listen and to see itself. All the same, it doesn’t really want to listen to itself. And so, to avoid the impression of its real self, the Krypten person demands an environment which is light and evanescent, as those forms in theater, as the noise of the words that have no echo. A theater of shadows for the Krypten person’’. 2

Examination E 3.

How to treat your nears

Examine yourself about the ideas and the apperceptions that you have for your nears in general. Because, everyone is looking like the image and he is a simulation of your Lord. They were made by Her /His hands and they belong to Her. For that, your near is a brother of your Lord, your near is Her commissary, Her suffragan. And the loans and the goodies that your Lord gave to you, they were given for that: so that you give them to your nears, by Saying to you that what you do even to the less important of them, it is like you are doing it to Her.

So, you must know that you do not owe less to your near from that that you owe to your redeemer. And you cannot mistreat or benefice the other, without this good or bad that you are doing to the picture, that is your near, is broadcasted to the depicted, that is your Lord.

Repeating the repetition 4.

A girl that doesn’t ask for attention, she believes in the repetition. The repetition is actually what by errancy, was named Mediation. By this word, it was rendered in Danish at the philosophical cycles (started by Heilberg), the term Vermittlung of Hegel’s Logic, a term that we could possibly translate as mediation. It is the ‘’movement’’ into the triune world of the contradicted and the recomposed concepts of the Hegelian logic, on its relation with the ‘’very pure movement’’ (On Nature, C)

Kierkegaard opposes to mediation on one hand the Greek ‘’kinesis’’ as the more consistent sense to the existential facts, and on the other - his basic notion of ‘’compromise’’ if we translate Mediation towards this direction.. In other words, this is his version of the Christian development of the bound (alma) and the paradox. The dialectic of repetition is simple. Because what is being repeated has already happened, otherwise it couldn’t be repeated, but exactly because of that, that it has happened, it renders repetition as a new thing. When the Greeks were saying that any knowledge is a memory, they were saying that the whole of existence that existed has existed. When we say that life is a repetition, then we say that the existence that has existed is being created now.

The second found Notecard was a Second Life info profile entitled: space _tender

SL age: born in 15 May, female, Greek-Asian, 23 years old.

Pleasure and pain are a diachronic hyper-dipole to the universe, to politics, to the personal feelings. I like to learn the human nature and to comprehend it through various ways. My big obsession is my dislike for obsessions. I am flexible and noiseless presence, except when there is a good reason for the opposite I love women, my heart belongs to them, I love to play, I love to dance, I want to get my ‘’fantasy back’’, I love to love. FEEL FREE, feel yourself, I mean FEEL YOUR AV Aesthetics is my speciality, I am a slut and that interests’ me a lot. I like to overstep the borders, I am a luxurious dancer, and sometimes I am a street hooker. The streets for me are a sense of freedom.

The ‘’true world’’, an idea that is not useful anymore, that does not compel us to anything, an idea that became useless, needless, consequently a negated idea. Let’s delete it. We deleted the real world, which world remains? The phenomenal world? But no! Together with the real world we deleted and the phenomenal one. 5.

I was in an advanced phase of a love story going along simultaneously in two worlds. The earthquake started with a draggy, faraway buzz, like if it was others’ concern and somewhere else happening, but all of a sudden it came straight on me and hit me from all sides turning everything into dark all around me. For a long time I thought that everything was over. At the end, when the dust settled down and the electricity returned, I picked up the keyboard from the floor that fortunately had survived, I set up the screen again and I plugged in the wires. I login, I bought a new parcel having the right of use of many prims, and I started to build a new house. As a model, I chose those old fashioned graves with those decorative rails and the multicolored little panes. My time was standing in front of me looking at me. After some hesitance I flew with it. The important thing is that everything must happen in proper timing. Everything has its time in youth and what has been done then, finds its time again later. Same goes for the debt to laughs and for something bygone that asks for tears.

Ilias Marmaras 2007

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