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Personal Cinema is a network active in the field of media arts. It plans and organizes projects and activities that encourage the critical stance toward the new forms of production, presentation and distribution of audiovisual products; the forms that at the very end, define the kind of social, cultural and political conditions, which in their turn, connect the multitude to the power structures.

Personal Cinema organizes projects and events that engage the critical mind of the public, suggesting alternatives to the new global homogeneity. It focuses attention on problems that concern the local territories and tries to explore the different cultural characteristics that constitute the social identity of the individual.

Personal Cinema, anticipates cooperation with social and artistic networks, groups and individuals, that take a similar stance and consider necessary the creation of a visible space of debate; with those people that are engaged in constant inventions to render explicit and clear the ‘signal’ from ‘noise’, thus to say, the two unequal parts that compose the current pseudo-dialectic of information.

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