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Biljana Tanurovska

The Art-Act or Seven Minutes to six

Voices and word that
Cause her to turn around
And scan the horizon for meaning
Sun-starved throughout

In the contemporary society advances in technologies telecommunications and information transfer transform traditional spaces.

Being dependent of the new communication technologies is a growing trend. The appearance and transformation of various forms of image-making, associated with the recent development of digital technology, had a major impact on our perception and our concept of reality. Different technological innovations made a great influence in all areas of our life, as well in the arts, as they open new spheres for innovation and experimentation.

The making of Balkan Wars: The game’’ project in Skopje, is a possibility to present to the Macedonian public, the new artistic tendencies in an unusual and new way, by combining the video game and artistic experience. Artists from different areas of the peninsula and broader tell/show their Balkan stories through images and codes of the new technology using a common language of the new high-tech societies.

Museum of the city of Skopje is now the space of blending the cultures-the shift in sensibility: echoes of increased political awareness that involves the desire for change, of laws and attitudes, mindsets and behaviors, understanding and thinking.

The didactic nature of the project is seen through its popular nature-the videogame as a virtual space for the new reality, with all connections possible. The artists who create mind images through controlled technical procedures. The players that interact and experience the pleasure of being central actively demanding and interfering. Not being only passively receptive.

The presentation of this project become reality as a result of the intense co-operation between the Personal Cinema, LOKOMOTIVA-Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture and PAC Multimedia and with support of the Swiss Cultural Programme- Macedonia and Kunsthalle Fredericanum.

We are not five to twelve. We are seven to six in ‘’exploring the new worlds’’ beyond the spaceship Enterprise.

Welcome and enjoy.

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