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(an ongoing project April 2007)

Borders exist to demarcate and control properties. Their delimitation and demarcation takes place simultaneously on a personal and general ground. Borders are installed inside bodies and outside in the public space.

The enactment of borders allows the control and the appropriation of global production for the benefit of different power structures. These powers are in conflict with each other. The classic capitalistic forms of control over production struggle with the actual postfordist methods of value reproduction and service- providing are made possible via technology. If as C. Marx predicted space annihilation with the use of time is a constantly increasing necessity for the capital, then transcending a continuously re-determination of borders either on geographical or on social grounds forms a parallel necessity as well. Similarly, a need arises for the modification of perception regarding the meaning of boundaries for individuals and social groups. The means used today –thanks to and via technology- for the transcendence of any kind of borders/limits is the global extension and diffusion of all kinds of vectors.

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